August 30, 2017

About us


YESYOUCAN.SPRAY is a social non-profit and intercultural initiative that works as a collective of women and men from different parts of the world who has organized and managed the Lisbon Street Art Tours for several years. Our backgrounds include an artistic education, an anthropological background, a cultural-scientific approach, a graphic design vision, a do-it-yourself ethos…but above all, we all aim to combine our diverse viewpoints to create a new dynamic within the urban art scene through paint sessions and local initiatives to explore, experience and express in the lovely city of Lisbon.


We are a small team based in Lisbon with international collaboration, working closely with all kinds of street artists not only through our research but also through our efforts to highlight the beauty and messages of what is written on the walls across Lisbon.


We work to create a supportive and socio-cultural platform for anyone and everyone to manifest through artistic interventions in-the-streets with a multitude of tools. But we also scout through dialogue artists’ reasoning for representing themselves in the cityscape.