Wednesday wall of fame!


Today we will talk about a German artist from Hamburg, Tona. He is the specialist of kids paste up spread around the world and there are many of them in the streets of Lisbon. He is involved in the street art scene since 99 (graffiti) and started stencils in 2002, silkscreen and linocut in 2008.


In a world that often seems to be unfair, mean and brutal and people are blinkered, TONA wants to confront us to this distorted perception with a dreamy, sensual and emotional perspective. Inspired by the children he crossed during his travels, he creates colorful paste ups. 21741258_1629621400434218_6636945272072444428_o

“Unlike elsewhere in the street art world, which probably works more with criticism and irony, the motive of the artist is to deconstruct the viewers „ordinary“ perceptions and to give them inner peace, joy and a smile. By means of this, mostly temporary art in public space, we, as the viewer, if we allow it, feel a transformation of the world around us and our own consciousness.”


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