WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Portuguese illustrator and street artist Vitor Julião aka Vitó has a particular way of presenting innocent playful though-with-a-sense-of-absurdity-and-wickedness characters that

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WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Italian vibes coming our way. Because female painter, illustrator and street artist NIAN has conquered the streets and the hearts

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WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! Do you remember the nice pics we shared this morning? They represent a new series of interventions by a great Portuguese

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WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! Today we want to introduce you to one of the king of graffiti, one of the first of the first aka Daze.

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It’s wednesday it’s the wall of fame! Today we want to introduce you to one of the king of graffiti writing in Portugal aka @youthone. Borned

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