Our street art collective yesyoucan.spray…

…is an intercultural project that serves as a socio-cultural platform in setting up creative interventions in public space with and for the community of locals/local initiatives, street artists, like-minded creatives and travelers passing through. We establish ourselves as a harbor to empower their awareness about public space through a variety of activities to re-awaken a sense of connection to their surrounding. We sustain through an artivistic, inclusive, research-based and impact driven approach where 100% of our profits are being resourced through our services [street art tours, workshops, [online] streetshop, in-between agent].

Through our glocal (global + local) collaborations we promote to explore, experience and express within the lovely city of Lisbon.

Our paintjams are the main activity we work around and about with different street artists from, based in, or passing through Lisbon around topics of common interest, such as equality, domestic violence, social isolation, sustainability… to represent those social issues/changes in an artivistic way, mainly on walls-in-decay.

But we also set up and promote an online and inclusive platform of blogposts [along with our social media] on street [art] facts, DIY empowerment, exclusive interviews… in Lisbon as well as worldwide along with our ethnographic fieldwork through research and publications. 

Our ideal street art formula goes around and about, above and beyond… Culture is written on the walls” [J. Armstrong] !

our story

yesyoucan.spray street shop

Yes… we did it ! We launched our online street shop in Lisbon. A diversified variety of street, urban-inspired and contemporary artists from, based in or passed through Lisbon participated to this shop.

We will haunt each and everyone of you with fresh accessories, new releases, new artists joining in. But till then… check out our colourful offer: from hoodies to totebags to prints to street art tour vouchers… everything is possible !

With each item purchased you support us in the set-up of our next paintjam pushing forward this close connection between place, people and art-projects in town as well the artists participating our project ! 

Sit back, relax and shoot us a message !

Have a look at who we collaborated with for this limited edition

bella & phame
giulia cavallo
isa silva
mafalda mg
márcio bahia
nuno alecrim
tiago hacke
vasco maio
wèkup streetrider
zizi ramires

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