Are you (or any of your loved ones) interested in learning more about street art?

One of our first academic encounters with the world of street art is this book written by art historian and sociologist Peter Bengtsen. He has been writing about street art since 2006 covering incredible and accessible in-depth looks at different aspects of street art.

His books, The Street Art World (2014) and Street Art and the Environment (2018) cover topics like the role of street art in public space, its relationship with public art and the art market, and how it can influence our thinking about environmental issues…

Peter’s writing is a great starting point for anyone interested in learning more about the wonderful world of street art. Published independently by Almendros de Granada Press, his books are available worldwide through Get your copy !

And keep an eye on the yearly urban creativity conference that takes place in Lisbon, where a wide range of street art curators, academics, collectives… speak their mind. Amongst them Peter Bengtsen ; ) 

Let us know if you have any more suggestions to read about this wonderful street art world !




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