August 24, 2017

Partners & Sponsors

Partnership is the key to create an international creative community. We would like to create a worldwide web of street art connectors and collectors and lovers and hunters and people who are just searching for interesting creative activities and hotspots and festivities… to share the best of the street art scenery with or without social commitment out there ! For this reason we want to expand our horizons and share what you have to offer.


Local partners

Buena Mandarina
Buena Mandarina was “born” as a way to share my passion for food, first bringing argentinian recipes and then growing as a mix of workshops, crazzy caterings, wedding cakes, etc, etc… Is the result of curious and interesting people’s proposals mixed with my need to reinvent myself constantly and keep having fun in the kitchen.


Montana Shop

Montana Shop & Gallery Lisbon opened a real shop on 10 December 2009. The store’s founded by three members, in need to have a place completely dedicated to graffiti. A shop full of materials related to the theme, with the biggest variety and quantity of colors available. Like all the others Montana Shop & Gallery in the world, they have a Galley space where every two months they present works on national and international artists, usually linked to graffiti or street art.

A writer’s store, for writers.

Does it sound interesting to you to become the next highlight on this page?

Send a short intro about your project/festival/collective/initiative/… and why you would like to connect to our team by mail to (subject: partner)




Are you interested in sponsoring our project with cocktails, colourfull balloons, a dose of paint, some cash, the making of a documentary, a cool photoshoot of our events…

Send us how and what by mail and we get back to you soon (subject: sponsor) !