Sunshine, great music, tasty food, very talented (inter)national artists and a lot of motivation. These were the ingredient of the perfect Sunday we spent together on the occasion of our last Paintjam: citylife/ citylights. One week later, let’s throw back to this nice day and share its good vibes with you!

The aim of this paintjam was to create an alternative to the beautiful Rua Augusta, well known for its Christmas lights and decorations. The paintjam took place at Caracol da Graça, one of the most beautiful spots in the city. We decided to complete what we had started with our previous paintjam and to cover all the walls of the stairs. We wanted to invite artists to express themselves and share their genius while embellishing a great spot in Lisbon. Our objective was to create an event that looks like our collective: something colorful, multicultural, a mix of styles, of talents and a lot of sharing.

We wanted to create a nice place and to celebrate Christmas time in the beautiful neighbourhood of Mouraria, using recycled artistic tools. That’s why we decided to build a Christmas tree out of empty spray cans, wood and a bit of iron wire. After long hours of preparation and work, our tree finally took shape at the end of the day, thanks to the help of the volunteers and some passers-by. We first painted all the empty spray cans, then we put them together with an iron wire in order to make garlands, and we used those garlands to dress the wood structure made by Pierre and his ingenious ideas. We also had the help of our favorite fourfeeter, as you can see in the picture below ;).

© Cristianne Pening Pauli de Menezes

Let’s see the artistic result of this day.

LS (@lsofficial368) astonished us with his geometrical and hypnotic shapes. We loved the result and how the warm colours are highlighted by the blue background.

We can recognize Wek’s style with the patterns and architectural landscapes he represents, and the result is so cool ! Check out the work of this Portuguese graffitiwriter: @spraylover86.

Shar used the same tones of colours and we enjoyed how it looks. We love the style of this Portuguese artist and his wild writing influences. Go check his insta: @sharABC.

Zarb (@zarbfullcolor), the French artist of this session represented a beautiful piece that makes us think about the song “Stairway to Heaven”. As always, he impresses us with the hypnotic shapes of his drawings and the way he plays with dimensions.

Pedro Loureiro, aka Mojojojo (@pedroloureiromojojojo) wowed us with his original and funny idea and the beautiful result of his work. He represented a huge Christmas drama, the one that makes the decoration of the Christmas tree become a nightmare, the one that gives you a headache just thinking about it, the one that makes you fight with your entire family: disentangling the garlands.

Jacqueline de Montaigne (jdemontaigne) was THE woman of the paintjam. Fervent admires of the beauty of her works and the poetry that emerges from it, we invited her to do a mural. She chose to represent birds, one of her recurring drawings. She told us that those two wonderful birds were the last ones of 2018. We can’t wait 2019  in order to be amazed by more pieces! Her beautiful creatures perfectly match with the blue background and we could recognize her delicate line among tones.

Sepher (sepher.awk) did an amazing work, with the help of Pregos and Brazilian artists. Go check this amazing big mural. We loved the colors and the special touch with some words in traditional Brazilian writing;).

Lat but not let, our favorite dancer/ performer/ artist took a lot of risks (and scared us) to make this hypnotic piece at his image: crazy, original and very special. (@blaxx44)

We would like to thank Molotow: go to this amazing new art shop (Rua das Gáveas nº9, 1200-108 Lisboa), all the volunteers from Yes You Can Spray and Lisbon Street Art Tours and the people who believe in the project, the artists, the passers-by, the locals and the Junta de São Vincente that made this day possible and so good. We can’t wait to organize another paint jam. We can’t tell you more about it yet because we want to keep the surprise, but my little finger tells me that it will be in March. Keep following us, run to the Caracol da Graça to admire the results of this paintjam, and enjoy the good Christmas vibes 😉

P.S: If you don’t have a Christmas tree yet, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to have some good DIY good advices about it !

P.S.S: Follow us on @yesyoucanspray and @lisbonstreetarttours, and subscribe to an open tour to discover other pieces all around the city 🙂

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