MOS Belgium 2017

Graffiti Meeting of Styles (MOS) in Antwerp

Angela Souza is debuting in YYCS ánd in Belgian street art festivals. Last week she had been to MOS Belgium, Antwerp 2017 and here you can check what’s happened there.

Meeting of Styles is completing 15 years in 2017. This graffiti international network & festival began in Wiesbaden, Germany. The idea is to mix all different styles of urban art and besides that also to promote the intercultural exchange. During this past decade, MOS took place in more than 20 countries and has been helping street artists to cross the globe using their talents and best techniques to spread urban art worldwide.


© Angela Souza @ Meeting of Styles Antwerpen 2017 > work from ODV crew 2014*

The graffiti writing world is difficult to understand because it requires a different point of view about street art. To understand this urban style is important to know that writing & drawing on walls is more than just a process of beautification or vandalization of some neighbourhood. It is about a dialogue in an environment expressing itself through different tools. Each place is a new approach!

Artists continue to improve their writing techniques, adding volume and dimensions, but sometimes they are not easy to understand in a quick look, it is a kind of art that takes time for our eyes to get used to it. For each layer of paint, they have a specific cap that achieve the perfect result, and if they don’t have, they create one.


© Angela Souza @ MOS Antwerpen 2017 > work from Vincent Huibers**

Festivals like MOS offer to curious people the opportunity to follow the realization process of huge pieces that will cover more than 2.000 square metres of wall, it is something unique and its impact is noticeable during the festival. Entire families, different generations and nationalities sharing the same space and being amazed by the art works.


© Angela Souza @ MOS Antwerpen 2017 > work from Studio Gifitig***

The organization of Meeting of Styles Belgium selected over 50 street artists for this amazing weekend full of art, beer, spray cans and a little bit of sunshine. There were artists from Belgium, Colombia, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and more. All of them enjoying an unique atmosphere from Zomer Fabriek, which hosted the artists, the art and the audience. The bad part is that this is a summer project and it is closed from September to May. The good thing is that we can admire all the arts during the whole year, because these walls are in public space, good for us 🙂


© Angela Souza – @ Meeting of Styles Antwerpen 2017

MOS Belgium did a great job in Antwerp. They brought colors and different styles of graffiti which helped our correspondent to understand a little bit more about the letters on the walls moreover she had a great time with Zurik, the only woman with artwork in the festival. But this is a subject that deserves a special post.


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See ya 😉

Warm greetings

Angela Souza





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