Jacqueline de Montaigne

Jacqueline de Montaigne is a Lisbon born Anglo-Portuguese Visual Artist who is best known for her large scale androgynous portraits with the continual but discreet presence of swallows and botanical influences. The artist has been exhibiting her work both nationally and internationally from the age of 14.

Painting her first public mural only two years ago, Jacqueline is passionate about using street art as a ‘conflict of interest’ free platform for public education (health care) and activism for official policy change. Jacqueline is a recognised human rights activist as the country representative of IBFAN and the WBTI for Portugal where her work (women & children’s rights) has been presented and recognised on international platforms such as the UN, WHO and nationally at the DGS & Assembleia da Republica.

Check more of her work here.

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