Guerilla Getaway: the Jewish Quarter of Budapest

It’s the beginning of the week and you’re already wondering how you’ll face it ? You are impatiently waiting for Christmas Holidays and definitely need to travel ? Well, I can’t give you the holidays you deserve, but I can totally make you travel sharing with you my street art experience in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest. Be careful, the pictures below will make you want to book a flight for this city in the next days…

Last week, I was in Budapest and I was enchanted by the impressive beauty of this city. Besides the elegance of the architecture and the Christmas vibes that made this stay even more feeric, I wanted to know more about Hungarian Urban Culture. Of course, as a loyal member of Yes You Can Spray, I looked all around while walking on the streets in order to find some good street art pieces to share with you. Spoiler alert : you won’t be dissapointed !

Indeed, while I was getting lost in the small streets of the 7th district, my street art-lover eyes were thrilled : the Jewish quarter is a big playground for street artists. In addition to the amazing lifestyle of the district, animated by lots of ruin bars, trendy restaurants and thrift stores, I adored how the buildings testified of the History of the city and its locals.

This neighbourhood has a particular identity, and its own architecture that denotes with the majesty of the rest of the city. It’s an underground place, where there are a lot of abandoned buildings. Meeting place of hipsters and artists, this former ghetto conveys the legacy of a population that suffered a lot and we can still feel a bit of the dark ambiance present is the neighborhood.


The abandoned  buildings were given a second life by talented street artists that made huge murals thanks to the Színes Város project, which promotes street art and invites artists to embellish the walls of the city. The murals blend with genius into the industrial-styled surroundings and please the eyes of the bystanders that very often aren’t prepared to discover such beautiful art pieces just around the corner.

I share with you some pictures, but there are more murals to see in this quarter and also in the rest of the city. So if you go to Budapest, you should definitely book a part of your program to visit the 7th district and enjoy those pieces.





I’m sorry for the lack of sunshine on the pictures, but the Hungarian weather wasn’t very nice with me during my stay…

And, last but not least, I was very (positively) surprised to find a piece made by our beloved Portuguese artist, Aka Corleone:




If you’re in Lisbon and you want to see a piece made by Aka Corleone, and a looooot of other pieces by many (inter)national artists, don’t hesitate to register to one of our tours on our website here !

Hope that you liked this artistic gateway and that it helped you to face this week 😉




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