For those that believe that street art is no more than just some paint or spray on the walls… this artist shows us otherwise. Mini or maxi, green or silver, smiley or angry, covering the Portuguese flag or just a simple plain one, high up on the wall or on a signboard next to the road… Lots of variety and every time a pleasant surprise to encounter. He passed Lisbon almost exactly one year ago and left 60 of his faces spread around town. Some have not survived but it stays our quest to find almost all of them !


Q. Tell us a bit about yourself…

Je m’appelle Gregos et suis Parisien, je suis un artiste autodidacte depuis mon enfance (EN: My name is Gregos and I am Parisian. I am an autodidact artist since my childhood.)

Q. Your work is based on…

Il est basé sur ma vie de tout les jours, mes humeurs, mais aussi de ce qui se passe à travers le monde. (EN: It is based on my everyday life, my mood, but also on what happens around us in this world.)


Q. When did you start sharing your work in the streets?

J’ai collé mon premier visage dans une rue de Paris en 2006, mais mes premières peintures de rue remontent à la fin des années 80 lorsque je faisais du tag et graffiti avec mes amis. (EN: I painted my first face in a street of Paris in 2006, but my first paintings in the street date back to the late 80’s when I was writing tags and graffiti with my friends.)

GREGOS NEW YORK 2017 krazykort
GREGOS | NEW YORK 2017 © krazykort

Q. Where do you put your interventions? And how do you use the space in combination with your work? 

Lorsque j’investis une nouvelle ville, j’arrive avec mes visages déjà peint. Je vise surtout les centres villes, et colle les visages au grès de mes promenades, de jour et de nuit. J’ai toujours une couleur qui s’adapte à l’environnement. (EN: When I discover a new city, I arrive with my faces already painted. I focus especially on the city centres, and glue the faces against the stones during my walks, day and night. I always have a colour that adapts to the environment.)

© Gregos
GREGOS PARIS 2017 olgaparisguide
GREGOS | PARIS 2017 © olgaparisguide

Q. What memorable replies did you receive about your work? And which one are you most proud of? 

Le mur dont je suis Le plus fier, est celui réalisé pour la journée de la femme, en mars 2014, un visage de femme composé de centaine de petits visages, l’installation devait être éphémère, et cela fait 4 ans. (EN: The wall I am most proud of, is the one realized for women’s day in March 2014: a face of a woman composed of hundreds smaller faces. The installation is supposed to be ephemeral, but it exists already 4 years.)


PS. If you like to collaborate with Gregos in spreading his moodswings around the world, order his face on his website to also put up (with or without some fresh paint).

Got interested to check out more (all pictures from facebookpage Gregos Art):


FB: Gregos Art

IG: Gregos

If you got any picture collected from his faces in Lisbon or around the world, share it with us using our #lisbonstreetarttours  ; )


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