Today we’re gonna present one of the most known artists within Porto – though he passed a few days in Lisbon – he has been working along different artists in a multi-functional atelier called Becuh: Godmess.



Godmess is a multidisciplinary artist devoted to lots of different ways of expression: illustration, graphic design, painting, sculpting, urban arts… Always trying to create a new identity for the walls of the city, drawing the attention to them, while leaving all interpretations open in perceiving his pieces.



He seeks for diversity in his work although this red character represented pops up mainly in all positions in all locations.


His attention to details is the key to his inspiration which comes from his experiences and histories of people around him.

And your attention? Is now on him?

Click here: http://www.godmess.com

As well as an interesting reportage on his work  as well as others based in the city of Porto !



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