It has been awhile. But we are back to share some weekly hot stuff of the wicked & wonderful artists we met along the way. First one of the new year is the Brazilian multi-artist Gabriel Dutra. At 23year he has quiet some repertoire to share: tattoos (which we can definitely recommend having ourselves : ), street paintings, murals, stickerbombing, photography and music ! And for those who are in town… definitely meet us coming Friday at Crafty Corner for his exciting exhibition MANCHA.

lado manchas
© Gadutra 
© Gadutra

Q. What is your work about? (inspiration, message, style…)

I think my work is really about trying to experiment. I have already done some projects with totally different styles and concepts, and what I most like in art is exactly this, change, cocreation, reinvent yourself with what you think and feel.

Mostly I use sea animals elements, and connections symbols. I was born in Rio de Janeiro and grew up doing scuba diving with my parents. Octopus enthusiast.

I believe that the Art value is connecting people, and with that we can find balance to improve our purpose wherever we are. With Arts there’s no limitations, no rules, no wrong, and I never found this freedom in another occupation. Thats why I can’t choose, art or nothing.

© Gadutra

Q. When and how come you started to share your work in the streets?

I always loved doing exactly what I couldn’t do. My mind is prepared for that, love to understand and rethink our social rules and their real credibility.

With that, I always admire street art, but never tried just because never had friends that usually did it. So, my first mural was on an invite of a Public School in Rio de Janeiro.

In Lisbon, I got some friends that really lived doing arts on the streets, and I started to understand the relation of that with the local community. Fell in love and started doing collaborations with Coletivo Transverso and Dom Vital. They really showed me the streets.

polvo lambe
© Gadutra
polvo lambe 3
© Gadutra

Q. Where do you paint? How do you use the space in addition to your work?

Mostly in Lisbon. Really like to think about good placements. I do my stuff where I would like to find some hidden arts. Specific little corners. I like it to talk with people that enjoy details of walls. Mainly with stickers.

Q. What memorable responses have you had to your work? What is the wall you are most proud of?

I really love my octopuses. Already had some cool stories with kids getting happy seeing their school wall painted, or some old people praising my art. But what I most love doing is my octopuses and squids, I really have a connection with that beings.

© Gadutra

Got interested to check out more or to have a wicked tattoo?

If you got any picture perfect pieces collected from Gadutra around the world, share it with us using our #lisbonstreetarttours #wednesdaywalloffame ; )

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