This week’s focus is Portuguese loaded. A multidisciplinary artist who keeps on reinventing himself mainly in the streets. Introduced to graffiti and finding his way to sensitize each and everyone of us a little more into different topics that aim to waken up our minds ! Check out what triggered him to do what he does and what he does so well !

edis 4
Solid Wall © Edis One

Q. Who are you? 

My name is Miguel Martins and I am known in the world of Street Art by Edis One. I started in this art in 2007 through the influence of friends. But my first contact with graffiti was before that. In the neighborhood where I grew up the graffiti was very present. Which lead me to gain curiosity to realize more about this art.

edis 10
MURO LX © Edis One

In 2007 I started painting on the streets, starting with bombing. I confess, I never thought I would ever live from graffiti. But today is what I do. I struggle every day to be better and have something better. Through of this art I have traveled many countries and I have met many people. And I can say that today I am who I am through this great culture.

Q. What is your work about?

Currently, the work I do mixes two typically Portuguese materials, cork and tile, with graffiti. In today’s world we see that evolution is much faster as well as our market is more competitive. That’s why we must stand out somehow. Experimenting with new materials and other creative processes.

Q. How do you use the space in addition to your work?

My work on the street? I have always linked the local environment to my works. I think there must be a connection with space and if we paint in a neighborhood we cannot forget that connection. We must not forget that the inhabitants will see the work of art every day.

They exist refugees © Edis One

Q. What memorable responses have you had to your work? What is the wall you are most proud of?

The feedback from people about my work is very important. My art is for everyone. Because, if it was only for me, I would not publish it. What sometimes happens with some works… Of course, I like to hear compliments about my work. But it is very rare to celebrate any achievement. If graffiti is food, then I don’t want to be full. I want to be hungry, so I can continue to eat (work)!

The mural I’m most proud of? The next one. As my great friend and great artist Pariz One says.

edis 2

edis 1
Extinction © Edis One

And for those that like to learn the tricks of the trade, definitely check out his video-channel !

Got interested to check out more:

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If you got any picture collected from his pieces around the world, share it with us using our #wednesdaywalloffame #lisbonstreetarttours ; )


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