DO-IT-MONDAY tape art


Today we are gonna start pasting around a little more because tape art could be the new hype to get ourselves into some sticky situations ; ) A wild and wide variety of opportunities to colour the city without leaving a permanent mark !



Let’s say this is an incredible new field for us, to use adhesive tape, like packing tape or duct tape or drawing tape… in an artistic dimension and an endless amount of shapes. As a reaction to the worldly known use of spraycans in the urban scene, grew a conscious alternative, which is considered to be silent and can be quickly applied to a wide range of surfaces inside and outside without leaving a permanent mark.

What do you need for it?

  • tape
  • scissors
  • and let your imagination flow ; )

One of the very first crews that hit the roads of New York consistently with nothing more than tape and considered to be the pioneers of tape art, is the Tape Art Crew. A group of public artists that started in the late 80s and keeps on creating various large-scale & small-scale art installations. They are very often involved in community-based projects to «start difficult dialogues, provide groups of people a public voice, and help communities envision a better future together». Their works are intentionally temporary installations using low adhesive paper tape.


Another international crew of tape artists that took over Berlin since 2011 and nowadays also travels around the world: TAPE OVER. Their pieces are characterized by an incredible sense of versatility and detail. And above all they try to create installations that fit its surroundings and/or intensify the exploration of it.


Artists like Max Zorn, focussed on celebrities and wonderful landscapes, or Aakash Nihalani playing with architecture and optical illusions are just a few that keep the tape-legacy alive by experimenting in different settings with different expressions. Here you find a small making-off video by Max Zorn and the immense amount of layers to create an incredible scenery against lighted glass.


If you did get yourself into a sticky situation… we would love to hear ALL about it  ; )  Share your results and/or tips & tricks on our (#yesyoucanspray) facebookpage !


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