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We kicked off this serie on recycling materials with the quote «one man’s trash is another man’s treasure». While we started to discover the wide world of street art already some years ago, we got acquainted with Francisco de Pájaro. And this Spanish rebel blew our minds with his «EL ARTE ES BASURA» or «ART IS TRASH» tag ! Let’s admit it… fits perfect within our serie on art, trash and trash art.



Our previous artist we highlighted in our do-it-monday blogpost, Bordalo II, definitely had an eye for the «richness thrown away». Not only his Big Trash Animals but also his provocative street art popping up out of nowhere, must have come across like a slap in the face for most of us. And since holiday season is arriving, we feel the curse to tease each and everyone on what we consume and what we dump somehow somewhere.

Lisbon, Portugal (2014) © Bordalo II


What we consume ends up in a landfill to extinguish or in an incinerator to burn… and the worst, it even became a commodity to exchange waste between countries to find new ways to get rid off it. Trash, waste, garbage… per capita per year (*) is tremendously shocking. Imagine 762kg/capita when you are living in Denmark and 268kg/capita in Serbia… And we are not talking about packages of sugar ! Nevertheless there is different ways to approach waste as we perceive it in the streets …

… to return to that Barcelona-based artist who makes extremely ephemeral though incredible street art sculptures with the use of rubbish bags, discarded furniture, matrasses, sofas, fridges… You name it, he creates with it ! The only condition it needs to fulfill, he must encounter it in the streets around closing time.

«Oh Fortuna Ba$ura» © Francisco de Pájaro

His creations are described as spontaneous, accidental, playful and definitely instinctive interventions, transforming anything and everything into wicked monsters, animals on-a-mission and bizar human creatures. Francisco unequivocally pronounces social critique. Not solely against the existing galleries and institutions that define for us how art sould be perceived and appreciated. But also against the greedy and capatilistic society-in-decay !

Bogota; 2016 © Francisco de Pájaro

Let us know what you can conjure and share your magical results and/or tips & tricks on our (#yesyoucanspray) facebookpage ! Here you can find already some ideas from the adventures of the artist himself: website or facebook or instagram !

«Ojos Negros» © Francisco de Pájaro


Miami (2014) © Francisco de Pájaro
Miami (2014) © Francisco de Pájaro



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