We are still recovering from the overflow of artistic vibes at our Back-to-School paintsession of last w’kend! But yet another month has arrived and with the YESYOUCAN.SPRAY team we decided to have some colourfull intermezzos during our meetings to bring us into a kind of ZENmood! What and how you can check out in our do-it-yourself with the tips & the tricks of…



Ori o que? Origami is the traditional Japanese art of folding papers. Though when we look back in history, paper comes originally from China and was from the 6th century onwards introduced to Japan. Where the oral as well as  the written tradition of ori (folding) & kami (paper) developped. In the very beginning this was considered to be applied in religious rituals and formal ceremonies because paper was not cheap. Some time later papiroflexia (aka origami) became a worldwide phenomenon, amongst all kind of people and in all kind of societies.


It still took some time (till 1797 to be exact), when the first book was pressed to spot this recreational folding of paper in «Folding of a 1000 Cranes». One of the most well-known folded papers that gave the start to an immense amount of characters and creatures.

Mademoiselle Maurice @


Nowadays, we have a French artist Mademoiselle Maurice who knows as noone else to leave behind rainbowcolours in all kinds of corners of the world with her paper creatures. Because she experienced the culture of Japan from very close, she got very well acquainted with this paper versions and decided to cover some spots in the greyish urban landscape of Paris and afterwards in many other locations. Every time again playing with different (as well as recycled) materials with paper and wire to be the dominant tools.


Mademoiselle Maurice @


But back to our do-it-yourself practice of this most popular creature, the Crane:

  • get yourself a (square) piece of paper
  • and fold it according to the following instructions: Origami Fun


Check out more on their website  for more designs and try outs for each and every degree of difficulty.


Share your results and/or tips & tricks on our (#yesyoucanspray) facebookpage !

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