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This week we explore the thin boundary between art and street art. Not to put too many things into boxes, we share with you an old tradition of making collages with some art-classics. And bringing them back to life with a young Belgian artist based in Portugal, sharing his passion and eye for detail within a multitude of wicked shapes and compositions. Check out our new hot topic «the making of collages».



Finding its origin in the French language «coller» meaning «to glue», a collage is considered to be a piece of art, including various materials, fe. photographs and pieces of paper or fabric, sticking upon a surface, creating a certain composition. Often referred to as an example of mixed media.

Pablo Picasso in 1912 with Still Life with Chair Caning ©


George Braque in 1913 with Violin and Pipe le Quotidien ©










When looking at the history of art*, collage became already represented since the early 20th century with big names like Pablo Picasso & George Braque who developed the technique of «papier collé» or glued/pasted paper (*thoughtco). Different artmovements evolved the technique though the artist will leave clues within the elements of a piece to allude to anything from social and political to personal and global concerns

Cutting butterflies creating a skull (made by Burry) ©

A young Belgian artist under the name Burry Buermans, found his artistic twist in Portugal making collages with original images from books, magazines and any piece of paper from way beyond our times till nowadays. Recycling one way or another, his collages form real puzzles of images, all cut out by hand and assembled together with an eye for detail. «Representing nostalgy, authenticity and the contrast between content and shape» his images invite the spectator to have a closer look on those contrasts and often subliminal messages.

Arte Urbana meets Burry @ NOS Alive 2015 ©


We wouldn’t talk about collage if there wasn’t somehow a link to the streets. So here a beautiful work of our Burry in wonderful Lisbon ; )

Burry ©

And if you want to try out yourself some collecting and cutting and glueing…

  • Collect the materials needed for making a paper collage.
  • Cutting-knife, scissors, and glue.
  • Think of theme
  • Cut, tear, hold and fold the paper/picture
  • Assemble the pieces into a whole.


Burry’s collab with one of his favourite Portuguese artists Tinta Crua ©

We would love to hear all about your adventures in the streets… with this minimalistic way of working. Share your results and/or tips & tricks on our (#yesyoucanspray) facebookpage !


Follow his page for an overview on all his works and thoughts and ideas:

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