Wednesday wall of fame!
We announced it on our facebook page on Monday, now we reveal you the artist of the week: Concreto from Columbia. Maybe you already noticed the stenciled faces in the streets of Lisbon (one is in Bairro Alto)?


Who are you? Where are you from? Your artistic resume?
I am Concreto, I am a urban artist-graphic designer. I was born in Colombia, and I have lived in Madrid for a little more than 1 year.

What is your work about? 
I seek to show animals, Aboriginal or African figures and scenes, their daily life, and how they are influenced by consumerism, slavery and conditions outside their culture, but not in a negative way. The colors, geometries and sometimes the typographies are mixed in my illustrations and on the walls to give a more graphic value to what I do.



When and how did you start to share your work in the streets?
My first wall was completed in 2009 when my cousin invited me to paint something fast in the streets. I remember painting some hands with eyes, but the same day it rained, and we were unable to take a photo.

Where do you paint? How do you use the space in addition to your work?
I like to paint in the streets whenever I can. It does not always allow me to earn money, so I combine it with my work as a freelance graphic designer to be able to do it frequently.



What memorable responses have you had to your work? Which wall are you most proud of?
I have participated in several festivals and grants that have allowed me to paint and spread what I do in different parts of the world. I usually like what I paint, then I see the pictures and see a thousand errors. Recently, I have dedicated myself completely to painting, so I’m still in the process of finding the wall that I feel proud of. I really like one of the last I painted titled “a free child” that could be my favorite work. I also painted “macondo” with the collective ums, the biggest wall of Bogota Colombia in 2015, which is a style that I do not handle so much, but it helped to recover an abandoned and violent area. Thanks to this wall, many doors were opened for me to continue in this dream.

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