Who What Where Why How come we keep on encountering those C-challenging-chalk drawings on the pavement of every city she passes? Here we collected a few answers… Shortly said:

Clitorosity is a movement to honor and spread awareness about the full structure of the clitoris. This incredible and wildly misunderstood part of the body has been represented by Clitorosity with over 90 large-scale chalk drawings in public spaces by a growing community of 60 people in 18 US states and 5 countries.
© Clitorosity

Who are you? Where are you from?

C. I am originally from Chicago and currently live in New York City. I have a background in technology and a passion for gender equality. Though I don’t have formal artistic training, I did have a giant chalkboard to let my ideas blossom growing up. There isn’t just one person behind Clitorosty – there are over 70 people who have fully participated in the creation of Clitorosity adventures.


© Clitorosity

What is your piece/the project about?

C. Clitorosity is a movement to spark curiosity and raise awareness about the full internal and external structure of the clitoris. The purpose is to inspire conversations about this incredible, yet widely misunderstood, part of the body.

 When and how come you decided to share your works in the streets?

C. I want to meet and engage with people where they are in their daily lives. Through public interactions and conversations, we learn about people’s attitudes and ideas about the clitoris.


© Clitorosity

How would you define the place and context of display added to the piece/project?

C. The place and context is unique to each drawing. We visit a variety of locations and incorporate elements of the surrounding environment through design and wordplay.

 How would you describe your style?

C. I would describe the style of Clitorosity as collaborative, educational and playful.

© Clitorosity

How do you take into account your audience?

C. I believe in collaboration in all aspects of the drawing with people who live in the location. This helps to develop a message in a location that is relatable and appropriate in the given cultural context and language.


Last November she was in town (Lisbon, Portugal) and along with our collective we aimed at painting the very first clitoris with spray.

Thank you Laura for this interview as well as an amazing afternoon of paint on the wall. Thank you for moving us, women, all over the world to be proud and shout it out loud ! If it is with chalk or spray or any other medium in between… raise awareness is what it is about !

Clitorosity in Lisbon with our yesyoucan.spray collective team 

Check out this video composed by Now This Her to overview her work and her mission out there ! Got interested to check out more: clitorosity !

If you got any picture collected from pieces around the world, share it with us using our #lisbonstreetarttours  ; )

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