ARTIVISM: Skid Robot

When street art brings homeless people closer to their dreams.

The « Skid Row », sadly known to be a place where thousands of people have to sleep on the sidewalk in Los Angeles found some hope in the work of Skid Robot. This American anonymous artist wanted to act with his own weapons in order to give some emotional support to homeless people and highlight a huge social issue.

Two years ago, Los Angeles was hit by a state emergency on homelessness. Infortunately, the Government didn’t really act about it. Skid Robot then decided to go to Skid Row and try to make the dreams of homeless people come true in this 54-block area home.

What does the project present ? Skid Robot paints murals representing homes, wonderful landscapes or even bedrooms in order to bring some warmness to the people who have to sleep outside. This is a way to allow homeless people’s minds to escape from this hard reality and bring to them some comfort. As a matter of fact, emotional support is extremely important and quite primordial when nothing concrete can be done for the situation of homeless people. This is another way to help them, by bringing some hope and love to poeple who often feel alone and deprived.

©Skid Robot

But besides the aim of giving some emotional support and embellish the homeless everyday life, this project has another objective. Indeed, Skid Row decided to start painting in this neighbourhood in order to point out the emergency of the homeless situation in Los Angeles. By his art, his wants to draw people’s attention to this dramatic issue and wants the Government to act and do something for these thousands of people sleeping on the sidewalks in very bad conditions.

©Skid Robot

This wonderful project gives a voice to those who feel excluded from the society and unheard. It also brings some poetry in a harsh and often sad reality. Street artists are very important spokepersons that can use their talent to draw people’s attention on social issues and can provoke a reconsideration of the Government policy and on people’s opinion. Skid Robot wants to keep his anonymity and mostly shares his work on social media.

Go check the amazing work of this very talented artivist on instagram (@skidrobot) or on his website (link to the website by clicking on the picture below) ! 😉

©Skid Robot


Text by: Ninon

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