ARTIVISM: Projeto Matilha

Projecto Matilha is an incredible project that defends a cause close to our hearts: human and animal rights. Their aim is to develop awareness through art in the streets, because street belongs to everyone and people need to be stroke by awareness about this kind of issues. The talented creator of this project is Ricardo Romero who fell into the street art word in the 90’s. He quickly felt that street art was a great material for education and sensitization. That’s why he decided to create Projecto Matilha, in which he puts art at the service of the animal cause, but also for human rights. He is also the artistic director of UIVO, echoes of art with people and animals evolving together. The values of respect and kindness are very present in this project.


Matilha travelled a lot and spread messages all around the world to promote human and animal rights. In 2017, they created the project Future is now, starting a collaborative mural in Kenya to reflect about challenges that children face in Kibera. They decided to extend the project in Europe to defend children who are part of the Kiberan community and express their rights, such as equality, respect or education. To them, and we completely agree, no progress can be made without awareness and common empathy.


Because we really think that awareness through art is the best way to improve our society, to make people think about their acts without great moralist discourses, and because we think that animals deserve, such as humans, respect and indulgence, and that nobody has the right to go against rights and respect, we warmly defend this beautiful project, full of courage, intelligence and love.


Because we love all our loyal fourfeeters and we would like to stop human cruelty against them. Because we think that no human being should suffer from discrimination, mistreatment or isolation. Because we believe in the power of art and the strength it can bring to a cause. We would like to thank Ricardo Romero and all the people participating in the project, and to encourage them to keep on fighting for such good causes.

“They can be abandoned and mistreated, can be loved and well maintained, can be known or strangers and their image is retained in a click at the very right moment then the image is deconstructed in lines and curves and more lines and more curves to be rebuilt again, under a new vision, and immortalized in the streets and then alone or with some (un)known landscapes for background, they are witnesses of a past that we want (or not) be revisited and messengers of a future that we want to be right now. Matilha [pack] is a project that intends to provoke an awareness and changing attitudes about how “man’s best friends” are treated. » ©







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