Nowadays, we live in a complex society in which time flies and doesn’t let us think about our actions, their causes and the consequences they have. Kurar was born in the 80’s and is part of this generation that saw how quickly and hardly society shifted into consumerism and selfishness. New technologies, development of transport or even mechanization turned our society into something in which exchanges must be speed and very often lose their authenticity. Making contact has never been that easy thanks to new technologies, however individuals are becoming every day more individualistic and they sacrifice relationships for the benefit of materialism and selfishness. This French artist took his first inspirations in the graffiti he was seeing on the train stations he crossed during his adolescence, and decided to denounce the apathetic society he lives in.


Now, he mostly works on canvas because it gives him an opportunity to work on details and exactitude, while the streets, exciting by emergency and illegality sometimes prevent him from doing an exhaustive work. Anyway, he is a very complete artist who multiplies supports and ideas, and who represents with a lot of intelligence the striking truth about the world we live in. He didn’t forget the word of the street, that made him famous and still do some work outdoors.



On his work, he represents children, who are the symbol of purity, simplicity and gentleness. He gets inspiration from publicities and pictures from the 1930’s, period during which the society was different, even if it was starting to be more and more materialistic. His drawings testify how he has fun playing on symbols and humour to denounce and describe on a critical way. In hindsight, he depicts the dangers of evolution and he created his own universe. He represents scenes in which children from the 30’s are interacting with contemporary symbols and creates dark humour that will automatically make you react. He is also very committed about art and wants to sensitize people about the importance of creating some free art. For instance, he created the « Kurar Street art box », in Clermont Ferrand, his city. During this project, he put an original drawing in each box and some lucky people could get one of his drawings for free.


We were also stroke by his name. In Portuguese, “curar” means to heal. We don’t know if he chose this name on purpose, but we can definitely think that Kurar wants to use his art to provoke some awareness for the viewer and contribute to the improvement of our society. Go on his website or on the social media and check the talent of this great artist !




Insta: kurar_art


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