“Let’s preach the end of sexual illiteracy!” says the creator of this feminist street art posters campaign movement. Author of a book about feminine masturbation, Julia Pietri wants to free the speech about women’s sexuality and break the taboo. “It’s not a Bretzel” is a movement that consists in spreading tons of posters representing clitoris in the cities.

The objective? Highlight this magic part of female body and brush under the carpet all the old visions about it. At the end of this week, we’ll celebrate the International Day of Women’s Rights. We think that this day must be celebrated every day and that men and women must have the same rights and the same liberties. And this starts with their own bodies.

Human beings must know their body and feel free to explore it, to talk about it and to show it. We thus chose to present you a wonderful project that aims to create a free space where girls, women and men could understand that female sexuality mustn’t be a taboo, that clitoris must be put to use, and that equality and self-love start with the liberalization of the speech and with education. Here, the aim is to dedramatize about female masturbation and to show that equality must also be present on self-pleasure.


The creators of the movement observed that female sexual anatomy is unknown and very often a taboo at school, but also between friends, or with the family. They thus created a website, and an Instagram page (@gangduclito), in which you can find some facts that show a sad reality about it. For instance, one quarter of girls of 15 years old don’t even know they have a clitoris. The majority of science books at school don’t represent it on the diagrams, and girls and women are very often censured when they talk about sexuality or about their own pleasure. On the website, you can sign a petition for clitoris to be present on the science books at school in France, you can read interesting facts about clitoris and you can print freely posters and spread them around your city to break the taboo on the 8th of March, but also the rest of the time!


“Démocratisons le savoir pour toutes les Femmes, pour toutes les jeunes filles qui arrivent derrière nous et pour tous les Hommes qui nous aiment. Transmettre c’est militer!” *

*Let’s democratize knowledge for all Women, for all girls who are coming after us and for all ,Men who love us. Spreading is advocating.



Art is used to spread messages, to fight for a cause, and is an instrument of transmission for younger generations. By showing images of a clitoris on the streets, you show to children, teenagers but also women and men that there is no shame about talking about sexuality, pleasure, and that they should know their bodies and feel free to express themselves about it. We admire this movement and we hope that you’ll participate to this project by spreading some posters on the streets. They even explain you how to make your own glue, so you don’t have any excuse not to join the clitoris revolution ! 😉

Because this is not an alien. This is not an emoji. This is not a legend. Nor a ghost. THIS IS A CLITORIS. To join the clitoris revolution, click here.




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