Let us tell you the story of two talented brothers who play with shapes and public space to spread strong and poetic messages of hope, love and revindication. ICY and SOT were born in Tabriz, Iran and are now living in Brooklyn. The magic started in 2006, when they discovered the method of the stencil and started to work together. 13 years after, they decided to conquest the hearts and minds of Lisboa, at Underdogs Gallery.


© ICY and SOT, picture by Moco Museum

It’s more than an honour to welcome these two great artists in our city and to have the chance to see their work. Nowadays, they alternate between videos, interventions, murals and installations, with always the aim of offering a critical gaze on society: capitalism, selfishness, human rights, justice, social issues are depicted in their poetically committed works. Their art depicts freedom and inclusion. Rebellion, intelligence and love for the world they are living in stand out from it, and they succeed in planting small seeds on people’s head to think about the society that is surrounding them.

They use the public space as a megaphone to call for reflection and reaction. The idea of reshaping and playing with the space make their art extremely intelligible, while being ingenuous. They acted all around the world and offer a new vision of individuals and their link with materialistic things of life. ICY and SOT transgress the frontiers of political and artistic censorship and bring the viewer in their world, an engaged world of free expression.









We warmly invite you to check the exhibition at Underdogs Gallery from 24thMay 2019. In “Faces of Society”, expresses the contradictions of societies and the links between people. Check more information by clicking on the picture below 😉


Links to their pages:

Instagram: @icyandsot

Facebook: Icy And Sot



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