Originally street art hunter, Green discovered his talent by chance one day when he was looking for some fresh street art pieces. He found a mushroom and, interested by its shape, he decided to pimp it up, and the result was a cochineal: his first creation.

Since then, he loves to communicate with nature and shapes it through his vegetal art. He uses natural elements to create realistic shapes. Landscape gardener, this French artist has a very in-dept knowledge about natural elements, but also about street-art, since he spent lots of hours looking for fresh pieces on the streets, that inspired his own work. He also gets inspiration by great painters such as Van Gogh or Munch, as can testify his representation of “The Scream”, by Munch, with tree bark, in Lyon.


Shaping Nature to give her a voice, that’s what Green does. By staging natural elements, he tries to catch people’s attention about their beauty and create awareness about their fragility when faced to Human irresponsibility. Extremely funny and playful, Green lets us sometimes see a bit of irony in his creations.

We can feel through his work that he has a great time by creating. Used to rut the streets in search of hidden street art pieces, he also loves to play with the space and integrate his creations in the environment they evolve in. Thus, he creates not only on the walls but also on the grass or on the trees. We love this kind of artistic expression, that doesn’t use pollutant materials, and enables creation without hurting Nature or Humans.

This technique comes from the Green Street art, born with the « gardening guerilla », a political and artistic movement that uses gardening as a way of revolution to defend responsible behaviours according to environment. Green artivists act in the streets, in abandoned places or gardens and spread their work to provoke awareness and change people’s mind about the emergency of doing something for environment. In 1973, Liz Christy started this « green guerrilla », by transforming an abandoned building in Manhattan in a collective garden.Beyond that artistic and ecologic aim, green street art is also a way to defend communication, solidarity and respect in a society in which people don’t look around them and don’t realize the beauty of the planet they are living in.


Decy Graffite


Natalia Rak
Aakash Nihalani

Because you may be like Green at the beginning, wishing of trying to make some art, we made you an article about do-it-yourself-moss graffiti. Now, you don’t have any excuses not to try: it’s original, you can do it and train at home before spreading all the walls of the city, and it’s eco-friendly !

"Sooner or later, we will have to recognise that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans." Evo Morales




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