“One hundred and sixty thousand plastic bags are used globally every second. Five trillion plastic bags are used daily. Side by side they can encircle the world seven times ».


These frightening numbers seem unreal but are sadly representative of the truth. Depicted in a video created by the great Fiumani, these facts about plastic and the irresponsible use of it must raise the alarm bell. Our blue planet was never as threatened by plastic as now, and this is provoked by the considerable production, use and waste of plastic that we make every day. Touched by this alarming situation, Fiumani, this Italian designer and artist based in Lisbon decided to react and to put his talent at the service of our planet to sensitize people. Since 2002, Fiumani lets his engaged messages on the streets. Revolted skater, he likes to criticize the society, the mass consumption and how capitalism is destroying our humanity. His impulsive style lets us understand the emergency of reacting in such a society. With humour and talent, he depicts the hills of the world through his paints, paste ups and stickers.


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Great skater and surfer, Fiumani is daily contacted with nature, and really felt how plastic and trash in general are destroying the face of humanity, how they are deforming the shape of our planet. Even if we are always touched and impressed by the pieces of this artivist, his last project particularly attracted our attention. With his piece “Paradise?” he pushes the viewer to think about his influence on this massive creation of plastic. He shows how mass consumption, waste and plastic creation are invading our minds and ways of life.

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Besides congratulating Fiumani for his great work and critical sense, we wanted to draw your attention on how you can act, at your scale to improve the situation with plastic issues. Now that you are convinced, thanks to the great work of Fiumani and all the artivist that we warmly support, take note of some advices that will help you to reduce your use of plastic in your evryday life. And you’ll see, it’s not that hard. And it’s even better for your health, your style and your well-being.

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  • Ban the plastic bags.

Instead, use nice tote bags, super convenient, fashion and eco-friendly. You can even join one of our private tours with lisbonstreetarttours and pimp up your own tote bag 😉 And don’t do it only in the supermarket. When you go shopping, for example, put directly the pretty dress you just bought in your trendy tote bag, no need to use the bag from the shop!

And at the grocery store, don’t put your fruits and vegetables in plastic bags. Use small cotton bags made for it. It’s cheap, reusable and cleaner 😉

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  • Ban the plastic packaging as must as you can.

Buy reusable cotton pads and sanitary towels, or use the Cup’, buy a bamboo tooth brush, very trendy and so much respectable of the environment!

  • Learn some tricks to make your own products…

… that you’ll put into glass pots, to ban plastic from your everyday life: toothpaste, soap, shampoo, lip balm, exfoliant and so on: you can do anything at home, and Youtube is full of tutorials to help you pass this new step. It’s cheaper and better for the environment and your own health, since it’s free from harmful products.

We hope you’ll be as touched as we were by the work of Fiumani. Together we can do something to improve the situation ! 


© Instagram (@fiumani_)



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