Ten thousand species extent per year. This is the sad reality, and things aren’t getting better… Maybe you saw the « only ten years challenge you fucking need to hear about » published by Greenpeace to sound the alarm about the dramatic environmental situation that is taking place nowadays. Global warming, pollution, deforestation, toxic products and so on are the causes of the acceleration of the extinction of animals. Human’s irresponsible way of life deprived animals of a decent environment to live in. Hunt, fishing, intensive farming and poaching are also threats to the survival of species.

In 40 years, 60% of animal species disappeared. Despite the severity of the situation, it seems that the animal cause isn’t on the agenda for Governments that prefer to focus on profit and mass production. Fortunately, art is a wonderful way to denounce situations, spread messages and fight for causes, and nobody can prevent the artists from expressing themselves and stand for a good cause.

Edis One is part of this kind of artist that put their talent at the service of something good. This Portuguese artist has his own style and likes to try new materials. To him, it’s extremely important to communicate with the environment he works in.

One of his projects called Extinction aims to pay tribute to some animals that are threatened by extinction. Besides the cause he fights for, we love his colorful and original style. He is a very generous artist who likes to share his work and passion throw his youtube channel.

Nowadays, he lives from grafitti and travels a lot, spreading his talent all over the world. We chose some pictures of his amazing work about animal extinction to let you enjoy it.











Youtube channel: Edis One


Instagram: edis1official

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