91% of plastic garbage isn’t recycled. This is the result of a « materialist, consumerist and greedy » society, as Bordalo II describes. Born in 1987, this unavoidable Portuguese artist chose to make the waste of the others his own treasure and to use it to express his creativity.

His revolutionary ideas propelled him to the spotlight of the street art scenery. Who, in Lisbon, never have heard about the fantastic animals of Bordalo II? From LX Factory to Cais do Sodré, from Belém to Xabregas, he never stops to rapt us with wonder. He amazes us by the ease with what he adapts his work to the environment it is created in, and by the genius of his creations. Both realistic and propelling us in an imaginary world of giant animals, his sculptures give a second life to trash, and prevent it from destroying our planet.


Attacking the issue at its roots, that’s what Bordalo II does by giving a second utility to these tonnes of abandoned plastic. What’s better than reacting to human’s irresponsibility with art? It’s a way to spread messages, catch people’s attention and confront them with the mass of plastic garbage they create every year. He also pays tribute to the animals we are threatening with our consumer society. He faces people to the cutest creatures made of plastic also to show them that humanity isn’t the only specie to have the sword of Damoclès above its head.

Bordalo II is what we call an artivist, because he uses his art at the service of cultural and social awareness. Through his very efficient work, he defends several causes and can provoke a huge awareness on people’s minds. Also linked with the graffiti scene, he uses spray cans to paint his paste ups. He joined a lot of international street art events and made several exhibitions all around the world.


Even if he is known for his animals sculptures, he also creates all kinds of pieces, always with the aim of criticizing the selfish and capitalistic society in which he was born. Giving a new gaze about social issues through art, that’s what he wants to do with his interventions. To the optimistic Bordalo II, end-of-life materials are an opportunity to create awareness through artivism. Provocative street artist, he also delights in doing small interventions in the street, always very clear-sighted. He has a very intelligent vision of the world and knows how to describe it. He interacts with a lot of urban infrastructures and makes sometimes very poetic pieces that make us think a lot. Railroads, crosswalks, fences… nothing escapes the artistic gaze of Bordalo II.



Did you know why he is called Bordalo II ? Because his grandpa was also an artist, called Bordalo.

Go check his work on Facebook, Instagram and on his website 😉



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