Blu is an artivist from Italy. He started with street art and then mixed it with videos. He uses art to denounce society evils. Capitalism, war, selfishness, global warming, violence, gentrification… He efficiently provokes awareness for the people who are confronted with his work.


His style is recognizable thanks to its cartoon influences. He usually represents his work on huge facades, and that strikes people and confronts them to the sad reality.  He also makes short movies with drawings. MUTO is the video that made him famous. In 2008, he assembled pictures of his work on the streets of Buenos Aires and built a story from them.

He created his own world and even his website is very original and personal. You can find his website’s link by clicking on the picture.


He is now known worldwide and invited by associations all around the world to defend some causes. He adapts his drawings to the society and the culture of the country he is invited in. He received several prices to reward his movies and a lot of museums and galleries would be interested in having some of his work. But he prefers to remain anonymous and stay in the street art world. Nevertheless, he likes to share his work on his website and on the social media. He also shares his technique by filming the elaboration of his murals with time-lapse.





He suffered from censorship, and sometimes had to do self-censorship. Indeed, some big institutions want to use his work to make money from it, but Blu is clear about his art: he wants to democratize art and to put his art at the service of good causes. Money, death, guns, nature, are symbols that Blu like to represent and to use to denounce some big social issues. The evolution of Men and its impacts on the planet are a central subject. Blu is an amazing artist: talented, engaged and original.


© Mural made in collaboration with Os Gemeos in Lisbon.


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