August 24, 2017


All of our backgrounds differ between an artistic education, an anthropological background, a cultural scientific approach, a graphic design graduation, a do-it-yourself-intervention…  We all aim to create a new dynamic on the graffiti/street art scenery through different projects Not necessarily to become the next generation of writers or artists, but to interrupt and awaken the senses of people passing by that particular created spot.



We invite graffiti writers & street artists based in/from/passing through Lisbon to join an artistic afternoon painting together around a chosen theme.




We offer street art workshops with the good advices of our team member Diogo. He is a stencil artists and he will introduce you to different techniques.




We manage space for creative interventions by colouring walls throughout the citycentre through different collaboration agreements.




We organize gatherings between street artists and street-art lovers, hunters, collectors, wanna-be’s… from everywhere to spread good vibes worldwide.




You can check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep updated on our latest creative events !