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Who doesn’t love beer? If you are doubting, you might still be triggered to check out his authentic and distinct hotspot serving the finest artisanal beers in town. Yes… there is much more to taste than Sagres or Superbock in lovely Portugal! In Lisbon alone there are quiet some micro-breweries present and in this beer tasting room you can get acquainted with each and everyone of them. They also host a variety of activities, from open mic nights, doodling, rugbygames, stand up comedy and also our own imaginarium-residencies with street artists from and beyond Lisbon. This venue has a lot of motion going on in one of the most central and vivid neighbourhoods of town.

Patrick, the manager, took the time to reply a few of our curious questions about this space and also let us know that there are quiet some activities happening this and coming week…

Q. When and how did the bar come to life ?

We had our official opening on February 2018. Two bar owners well oiled in the bar business saw the potential for the space and the growing Portuguese craft beer market.

crafty vi
© Crafty Corner

Q. What is Crafty Corner about?

Crafty Corner focuses on offering the best craft beers that Lisbon has to offer. Our well thought out beer menu consists of 12 taps that alternate almost every week. We’re also gaining a following around our local music and art events such as our unique open mic night, Yes youcan.spray art residencies and our 1920’s Prohibition themed night (once a month with a live 5 piece swing band).

Gadutra – art residence @ Crafty Corner

Q. What lead craftbeer in Portugal to become so important?

It’s actually an unusual setting for a craft beer scene because of the strong wine culture here but every one loves beer and the worldwide craft beer boom resonates everywhere.

Q. How would you describe the location (the bar as well as the area)?

The venue is the newest piece to Cais do Sodré, the understatedly cool and trendy Lisbon neighbourhood. This area is currently at the forefront of everything new and quirky. Located in a converted 2 floor warehouse, Crafty’s immense shop-styled windows and long benches make it the perfect place to breath in the local scenery, socialise and taste some of the most exquisite micro beers currently made.

crafty v
© Crafty Corner

Its not easy to describe the bar. Crafty is unique, a real pleasure to look at and to be in. Think huge shop windows, high wooden ceilings and rustic steel beams and dazzling chandelier hanging from above. Polished Portuguese style-tiled floors, a solid wooden bar and a steel spiral staircase that leads to a mezzanine. Lastly we can’t forget the hidden lounge with chesterfield couches so deep they might just swallow you up.

Q. Can you tell us a little more about the location? How many people work in there and how would you describe the people working there? 

There’s 3 things that make Crafty stand out – excellent beer selection, fantastic music taste, and relaxed but professional staff. When you walk into Crafty you really walk into a space that we feel is our own and although we are attentive, knowledgeable and very polite we treat everyone one like a friend.

crafty iii
© Crafty Corner

Q. What is your typical customer?

We get a good deal of visitors to the city who have had a tough day around the city and need a beer and something to eat! But its by no means just a tourist hotspot – we get a good share of regulars (Portuguese or expats) who have fallen in love with the space and even the staff. I’d say our main demographic lies around the 25-30 couples and groups.

crafty iv
© Crafty Corner

Q. What are your favourite hotspots to recommend in Lisbon or maybe even beyond?

I’m a fan of good service and the idea that “less is more” when it comes to running a bar. 

Beer – AMO Brewery or Cervejaria Artesanal Adamastor 

Wine – Bacchanal 

Cocktails – Foxtrot

Just before you’re “out out”– Cata Q Faras

Live music – O’Gilins


For those curious what is going on this and next week, check it out:

01.02.2019 Finissage with Gadutra – Gabriel Dutra with live tattooflash session !

02.02.2019 Prohibition (Swing music & 1920’s dress up)

07.02.2019 Anniversary with 14 taps

08.02.2019 Wonderland club (Rock ´n Soul, garage, funk and more)


Travessa de Corpo Santo 15
1200-131 Lisbon, Portugal
Ph: +351 964 806 431

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