August 24, 2017


team leader

Exploring this weird and wonderful world through what is written on the walls – her lifephilosophy is all about engaging an interACTive, intercultural and interARTive dialogue. After discovering several countries around the world, this Belgian beerlover decided to settle in one of the most colourful and exciting cities of Europe. With a background in socio-cultural work and relation- and communication-sciences, setting up and organizing workshops and events for a broad audience, she is currently finalizing her writing in visual anthropology inspired by creative interventions in-the-streets.

She is co-manager of Lisbon street art tours



PR and blogger

From São Paulo to the world, this Brazilian young woman always had the street art flowing through her veins. In Brazil Angela became public relations manager and she developed her love for creative and social projects. You can follow up on her adventures through our blogposts and instagram @yesyoucanspray !


project manager

A German who doesn’t like beer – anything else that needs to be said? Not coming from a creative field, he is currently finishing his degree in International Business in Lisbon before the endless and mysterious road will take him to new, exciting places. Being a business dude, something was needed to spice up every day life and so he started to unveil his subconscious passion for painting.


co-project manager

With her international business background, this french girl came to Lisbon for new challenges, and to improve her level of Portuguese and Capoeira. Interested by sharing economy, she worked in Bordeaux for an equity-crowdfunding platform, that supports ethical and innovative projects. She were involved in associations like Disco soupe (Food wasting), Culture du Cœur (Cultural mediation), Ouishare (thinkthank collaborative economy). As she explored the city with a french grapher (Zarb Fullcolor), they decided to create an exchange between french and portuguese street artists.


graphic designer

She used to do graphic design in the capital of fashion and arts, now she is learning to use spraycans on clothes, accessories and furnitures (that she finds in the street). She fell in love with Lisbon at first sight and thought that was a sign to move here. She does not love beer but she likes good wine (as all french people) and chocolate. You can see her in coffeeshops like café Tati or Hello Kristoff with her laptop working on some mysterious project. If you happen to come on her tour please do not mention her french accent she is very ashamed of it!

She also works at  Lisbon street art tours




freelance photographer

Portuguese woman with her heart in the colors that the world has to offer. She is multifunctional. Always searching for new experiences, she is a photography lover, a dancer and a researcher. With an academic background in tourism, her master’s degree research was based in the relation of city, tourism and urban art she also did a formation in urban dances(Bootcamp 1st edition). You can find her walking in the street searching for new pieces to photograph.

Check out her FB & instagram @irritarte