Let us tell you the story of two talented brothers who play with shapes and public space to spread strong and poetic messages of hope, love and revindication. ICY and SOT were born in Tabriz, Iran and are now living in Brooklyn. The magic started in 2006, when they discovered the method of the stencil Read more about ARTIVISM: ICY AND SOT[…]

ARTIVISM: Andrea Tarli

“Painting isn’t born for decoration of private houses. It is a tool of defensive and offensive war against the enemy.” Andrea Tarli chose this sentence from Picasso to explain his need to paint, adding :« It must belong to everybody, like music coming through a window. »This could help building the definition of artivism, that is to Read more about ARTIVISM: Andrea Tarli[…]

To the bone: when street art defends animals

Last week, we were hit by this dramatic news: in 40 years, 60% of animal species disappeared because of humans and the way they treat (and threat) Nature. We thus wanted to bring some hope to this cruel world introducing Sonny, an amazing British street-artist based in South-Africa who puts his huge talent at the Read more about To the bone: when street art defends animals[…]