Nowadays, we live in a complex society in which time flies and doesn’t let us think about our actions, their causes and the consequences they have. Kurar was born in the 80’s and is part of this generation that saw how quickly and hardly society shifted into consumerism and selfishness. New technologies, development of transport Read more about ARTIVISM: KURAR AND HIS CRITICAL EYE ON SOCIETY[…]

Creativity and Local Context

It has been so long that I even miss to write… sorry for the long post :p   Nowadays it is easy to see murals and beautiful pieces of art in the streets, but sometimes I ask myself: is there any kind of connection with the local context in this? After an awesome experience in Read more about Creativity and Local Context[…]

DO IT MONDAY stencil graffiti

DO-IT-MONDAY Let’s keep it simple this Monday and surrender to some pre-made designs online. We cut them out, spray them on all kind of surfaces around us and pronto! Is it really that simple? Well… we get very often frustrated by this cutting already  ; ) But still… let’s check out one of those more Read more about DO IT MONDAY stencil graffiti[…]