June 28, 2018


When people ask about her she always answer with: I am a young Portuguese artist and I never forgot my origins. I live in my own reality, worshiping my own gods, creating my own mythology.

Her name is Catarina Mesquita aka Mesky and she is a young Portuguese artist who studied Sculpture on the Fine Arts of Lisbon. After she finished her degree she started to try to do some work on street art, first with stencil then with some stickers and text and then she created a collection of goddesses, a bunch of paintings and illustration of women with mandalas, spirit animals, skulls all in a mystical universe.

After that Mesky dedicated herself to work on that kind of illustration and she did her first mural of a goddess for a gallery called Espaço Exibicionista in Lisbon. She painted some rooms of an IT company called PrimeIT and then she did her first exhibition on Espiral (Lisbon) with illustrations and paintings of the goddesses called “Devaneio das Deusas”. She did a few other works always trying to mix the spiritual and esoteric and a bit of fantasy as well. In 2015 won the Jovens Criadores in the category of illustration with the work “Mitus” a board game about the mitology of Portugal.

In 2017 a painting made by her was published on the Wotisart Magazine from UK and on the Average Art Magazine from UK as well. She did another exhibition in Portalegre, Portugal called “Signum” about the zodiac signs with her goddesses, and balancing with all this opportunities, Mesky did and continue to do some commission work while doing her goddess stickers, always trying to improve her art and herself and pushing higher and higher.

The spiritual and magical side have always been part of herself and so Mesky began to dedicate herself to incorporate more that side in her work inspired in several universes.

Check more of her work here.

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