June 28, 2018

Josselin Bonnetain

Coming from the field of photography, Josselin Bonnetain developed its artistic trajectory exploring unconventional techniques based on the movement, the force of alignment lines and intense colors. His works are part of the collection of the Art Gallery Cage (Mexico) and have been exhibited in various galleries including the Museum of Cuernavaca (Mexico). On arriving at Lisbon he decided to tackle the walls of this city by combining collage and painting. His technique is based on Glitch, pixelated images due to a problem in the code. He therefore questions the place of error in our world that leaves space to perfection only. Why do we want to correct our mistakes? How to play with them to achieve our goals? Can we build from the error? By modifying the source files of his photos, he creates a chaos in the image, giving a new reading grid, guidelines to follow. Then, from this chaos, he applied colors that will finally give to his works its aesthetic dimension.

Check more of his work here.

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