June 28, 2018

Exit Enter

Exit Enter (1990) is an Italian born illustrator, painter, street artist and storyteller.
His little stick-man-like characters run alongside the Florentine walls telling stories about kings and Indians, about us, our love and red balloons. He started painting very young and soon after high school, Exit Enter enrolled in the Fine Arts Academy of Florence, where he began his professional relationship with painting. An unusual sense of humour, kind yet provocative, is a driving force behind the stories fueled by the force of obsessive drawing, everyday and everywhere, from smaller pieces to larger works, he makes a definite permanent mark on the Florentinian contemporary art scene. Through a very distinctive and stylized mark, Exit Enter creates an essential character, which he expresses through simple aesthetics, accessible for everyone.

Exit Enter’s debut on the streets of Florence resulted in a series of ‘a stick-man playing with red balloon’ – flying, running inside the wall, becoming the king of the night. The stories were combined with some words like ‘fly away’, ‘exit’, ‘enter, ‘ love’. A few months later he noticed that a lot of people had begun the interaction with his artworks and started calling him ‘Exit Enter’.

“Normally, when I start putting colors and moving lines over a white paper, I’m EXITing. The creative act it’s out from the material world, it’s out from the time; if imagination it’s to create a projection of an image in your mind, with my drawings I want to stimulate the audience’s imagination to permit them ENTERing inside this detached ‘creativity act’ world.”

His essential artistic works create bridges between the stories and the people so, in the contemporary chaotic city, while you are going to work, or picking up your kids at school, you will always have a momentary serendipity element of surprise and smile added to your day. Exit Enter will get your attention. Initially, when the anonymous stick-man came out of the artist’s mind, Exit Enter didn’t know what kind of message he wanted to communicate. It was only after people started to recognize and interact with his art, did he realize his subconscious purpose. He understood the objective of Exit Enter’s art as its own entity and how his art can be a tool to make contact with the audience and make possible the exiting and entering “into the light” – an original thought, a question, an emotion, a laugh.

Check more of his work here.

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