June 22, 2018


YOUNG BLOODS – Workshop of Street Art for Youngster’s


The Young Bloods workshop of Street Art for youngster’s main goal is to connect, motivate and to captivate young people to this form of artistic expression, showing that Street Art is accessible to all.


Although originated in the USA during the 70’s as an attitude of rebellion, transgression and illegality, Street Art has been growing worldwide. Portugal has been standing out in the last years, not only for hosting different events related to this theme but also because of the quality of several Portuguese artists that are becoming a world reference in the area. This form of artistic expression has been increasing and captivating the interest of public and private entities which are inviting national and international artists to intervene in public spaces and to renew the image / look of certain locations, thus capturing people’s attention to certain causes.

During the workshop, we bring together small groups of young people in a relaxed work environment and teach them a little bit about the history of Graffiti and Street Art, the different techniques of intervention and finally to use one of those techniques (Stencil) so they can express their creativity in a canvas and / or, if possible, on a wall.


How does it work? The workshop has two components:

1. Theoretical – History of the appearance of graffiti (USA, 70’s) and its evolution.
Focusing on the stencil technique, through speech and visualization of artistic interventions images, giving greater emphasis to the national artists, thus aiming to stimulate dialogue and discussion about the theme, creating a relaxed environment and motivating the group to practical part.

2. Practical – Learning the Stencil technique.
With the support of an urban artist (Diogo Rezende) the members of the group will choose an image / drawing and cut their own stencils. Then they will apply it to their canvas and / or wall. If a wall is provided, depending on the dynamics of the group, a common theme can be created and be explored by everyone during the painting of the mural.


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