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We organize gatherings between street artists and street-art lovers, hunters, collectors, wanna-be’s… from everywhere to spread good vibes worldwide.
We offer street art workshops with the good advices of our team member Diogo. He is a stencil artists and he will introduce you to different techniques.
We invite graffiti writers & street artists based in/from/passing through Lisbon to join an artistic afternoon painting together around a chosen theme.
Come with us and discover the city in a total different way. Learn about different techniques & styles and the whole graffiti and street art-scenery in Portugal and worldwide.

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About us

We work to create a supportive and socio-cultural platform for anyone and everyone to manifest through artistic interventions in-the-streets with a multitude of tools. But we also scout through dialogue artists’ reasoning for representing themselves in the cityscape.

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  • effort

  • we covered with colours

  • We are eager to meet new artistic souls

Our Team

International and enthusiastic members


Team Leader
Exploring this weird and wonderful world through what is written on the walls – her lifephilosophy is all about engaging an interACTive, intercultural and interARTive dialogue.


Workshop & Artistmanager & Stencil Artist
Local boy with a background of event production, Diogo was always passionate about street art and in 2012 decided to do something about it. Inspired by many international and national artists, he started to explore the art of stencil by watching a lot of videos and tutorials in order to develop this technique and improve his skills.


Freelance Photographer and Artist
Half-French and half-Portuguese, Marina fell in love with Lisbon in 2014 but it took her four years to leave Paris and move in to discover the Lisboete culture from the inside.


Freelance Photographer
Moved to Lisbon in 2016 and immediately fell in love with the city that has so much to offer. Apart from enjoying the Portuguese sun, he likes to capture the architecture and street art of Lisbon.

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